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Poem (Inspired by The Nightmare by Martin Puryear)

In flame we were born…
By Jordan Bates

run red. Shrapnel

crucifying the skies
with indifferent

staining my
last breath the color
of ignorance.

A paradoxical recipe:

One part
lifeblood; one part

In flame we must be destroyed.


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By Jordan Bates

warmth and i’m not alone. yeah,
that’s what you feel like
when we
press and fold our pasts
together into this
moment of something
i’ve grown used to living (without.)

you’re no one anyone every
one. someone could be you someday
i really do hope

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Beneath these pretty lights…
By Jordan Bates

we soul shiver and writhe
and wilding swaying
flexing pulsations
churn together and forget
our names we engulf
the darkness.

dazzle me with d i s t o r t i o n
because I am enjambed… in
need of a hectic spectacle
in which to lose and find
myself simultaneously.

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Interdreamensional Vacation
By Jordan Bates

We were floating aimlessly
down the picturesque rainbow
river one starry evening
when fifteen flying squirrels
landed quite suddenly upon our raft.

As is tradition,
we welcomed our furry brethren
with glorious orange
porridge and proceeded to dance the stellar
tarantella until everyone had chuckled

After thanking us profusely
for our merriment,
the leader of the wise tribe
produced a golf
ball-sized galaxy
and offered it as
a token of his gratitude.

We erupted in a round of applause
for his awesome deed
of generosity and
bid his company adieu
as they really had to be on their way
back to the realm
of infinite cookie dough.