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If You’re Looking for a Sign, This is It

There was a time when Warren Buffet couldn’t spell invest,
A time when Albert Einstein was flunking tests,
A time when Tupac had never rhymed a phrase,
A time when Will Farrell wasn’t Ron Burgendy.
Do you know what I’m trying to say?
In life, you can be what you want to be.
We all start out as a bunch of no-names,
But with hard work you really can win the game.
The sad truth is that most people won’t.
They either don’t believe or they don’t care enough.
Life isn’t about finding yourself. We all create our own myth.
It’s up to you to make yours beautiful or settle for piss.
So fight for dreams. Raise your fists.
Find a passion, and do that shit.
If you don’t think you’re worth it than no one will.
You gotta know in your heart that you have the skill.
Stick with what you love, and you’ll be surprised.
Life wasn’t quite what you had surmised.
You can fly. You can glide. You can soar up in the sky.
But you have to realize that it won’t come easy.
You gotta jump some hurdles. It’s not all breezy.
So stop watching TV like a mindless drone.
Start creating your fantasy. Don’t be a clone.
When you finally break away from the status quo,
You realize you have potential to do so much more.
The purest form of pleasure is real accomplishment.
If you’re looking for a sign, then THIS IS IT.
You’re gonna be so proud when you get it done.
You can thank me later. For now, I’m gone.


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