The People Who Lack Common Sense

I wish there existed an aptitude test to gauge how well someone comprehended how our world works.  What I’m referencing is often referred to as common sense, but I think very few people actually grasp what common sense is and how uncommon it is in actuality. The funny thing about common sense is that the people who have it easily recognize others that do, as well as those that lack it.  These people who were lucky enough to be endowed with the common sense factor are not afraid to present themselves as they are.  They realize that acceptance of self is only sensible when we cannot change our flaws.  Imperfection is a fact of life.  People possessing common sense also know that the system is imperfect but should not have to be that way.  They work to change the obvious faults.  I am eternally thankful that we have some of these people in our world.  If we did not, I’d speculate that total anarchy would not be a stretch of the imagination.

In contrast to these people with common sense, there are those people who have very little or lack it entirely.  These people are like an anchor, slowing progress, dragging our society below its potential, and threatening to drown it altogether.  People with little common sense unquestioningly accept hereditary prejudices and mass-media propaganda.  They decide their opinions on issues based on what political party they decided to conform to.  They talk badly about others and act as if they have all of their affairs in order.  This phenomenon is an expression of a deeper insecurity.  They spread hate to cover up an inexplicable feeling of distaste for themselves.  They do not understand why they dislike themselves, and the answer is quite ironic.  They cannot see that they lack common sense and have subsequently lost their individuality.  They have not presented themselves to the world as they are, so they have never truly felt accepted.  They have never developed their own views, so they have no sturdy foundation upon which to build a meaningful life.  They view people with common sense angrily because they do not understand the source of their happiness.

These people invariably hurt our society as a whole.  They should not be working jobs in our government, should not be running organizations, should not be determining special interest group agendas, and should not even be allowed to vote.  They should not be given any influence.


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