The Rabbit—Relaxing Poem, Music, and Video. Enjoy.

The Rabbit
By Jordan Bates

Once upon a midday sunny,
I fancied life to be quite funny
As I gazed upon a bunny
From a green and modest hill.

As I watched this playful fellow,
I wished that man could be as mellow.
When the sun is glowing yellow,
Is not it best to just be still?

In awe, I gazed.  He hopped past trees
Through fragrant flowers and greenery.
To be not troubled, to roam so free
Must be a tranquil time.

And yet ironic all the same.
A rabbit knows not place or name.
To act on whims of pleasure or pain,
Is not the rabbit blind?

For he knows not of burning passions,
Beauty, music, art, or fashion.
If I could, I’d like to ask him
Why it is that he’s alive.

Likely he would pose no query,
But is it good to have a theory?
For man has many, yet I sincerely
Know not which is right.

As human, man perceives himself.
He dreams of Heaven and of Hell.
He longs to hear a far-off bell
From some unknown Planner.

His basic craving is for meaning,
And many a man has spent life dreaming,
Yearning to know if God is scheming
Or if not his life does matter.

Of course the men who know the answer
Were laid to rest by crime or cancer,
So as a blind interpretive dancer,
Man moves to the music he feels.

Restful in darkness and busy by light,
Pursuing the path that seems most right,
He yearns for progress but never quite
Knows for what purpose he is here.

Many preach faith or intuition
And claim to grasp our true condition,
But as I watch this green grass glisten,
I feel content to never know.

Life is but a great, gorgeous mystery,
And time is short so spend it blissfully.
Man has struggled all through history
To reap what never was sown.

People moving, moving, moving.
Despite much stress, they keep on doing.
One cannot help but feel we’re losing
Sight of life’s true worth.

Time halts for no soul or childhood wish.
Pay close attention or life you will miss.
Become not a slave to your to-do list.
Just revel in the wonders of Earth.

A double-edged blade, the mind is for certain.
Through it man sees both light and curtain.
He knows there is joy to be had and yet burdens
Himself with pointless worry.

You have just one life to discover the magic.
Worries change nothing, so do not be average.
Aspire to be a bit more like the rabbit—
Play and gaze and do not hurry.


If you enjoyed this poem, you might enjoy another poem I wrote.


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  1. #1 by Sal on May 3, 2011 - 12:31 am

    Baked and read this, blew my mind.

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