The Essence of Adolescence

As I reach the final weeks of my teenage years, I am now beginning to feel the nostalgia of a less worrisome and more carefree time in my life.  The less responsibility you have, the easier it is to be happy.

I went through a lot of my younger years not realizing how happy I was because of the lack of worry in my life.  Now that I am in college and forced to be more self-sufficient, I find that I procrastinate duties quite frequently and get really stressed worrying about stuff coming up.

However, I still consider my college life to be the end of my years as a kid.  I definitely don’t feel like an adult, and I definitely have not taken on full adult responsibilities (whatever that means these days).  I feel that my next couple years of my undergraduate studies will be a time to soak in and appreciate the lingering times of carefree fun.

I will do everything as I move forward in my life to maintain the essence of my youth in spirit.  I hope I never become too blinded by unimportant obligations to remember not to take life too seriously.  Live the life you love.  Love the life you live. Deuces.


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